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With PR Online Marketing business owners are utilizing the services of:

Web Site Developer
Web Site Designer
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many web designers put together a nice looking site, but may not build the site using SEO and market analysis.

A web developer can put together a practical site, but often create sites that do not impress and hold the visitor. It’s too easy for a visitor to click to another site or get distracted and move on if there is not a pleasant design or easy navigation.

Many web designers will tell you they are doing SEO, but merely plug in key words. This is not effective optimization. One needs to understand what the search engine robots want and be sure all phases of the web site development are addressing what makes Google and other search engines find and recommend your business on any given search.

Building a web site right… the first time… involves:

Market Analysis
– We know what to look for and will go online and examine your target market, your competition and your industry.
– Not everyone has “the eye” when it comes to creating a site that will hold a visitor and keep them on your site. Careful strategies get visitors to your site. Losing a visitor due to “first impressions,” site structure and design is counter-productive. Once you lose a visitor, they might never return.
  – CSS, HTML, PHP, java scripts, and all the back end ingredients that make a good web site run properly. Kind of confusing and boring stuff to most people, but we have that guy on our team.
Search Engine Optimization
– Our SEO experts have been analyzing and performing SEO strategies for over 12 years. We’ve been keeping up with organic SEO strategies and helping clients ever since.

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